So, which course is perfect for me?

Introducing the Factory


Immediate lifetime access to the VIP Facebook Group



Places are very limited at SPECIAL PRICE of €49 per month & I'm ready to take action!

Make 2018 the year yoU transform... FOREVER

If you follow the OH Fitness Factory as I have specifically designed for you, you'll create your strongest, fittest body plus we'll have fun along the way! You'll get addicted to the results as well as how GOOD you will feel!

I'm never focused on making you lose weight. If you focus on the scale, and it never budges, you'll get frustrated. In the program, I'll show you how to shift your mindset and focus on pushing yourself past your old limits, while enjoying the journey. Then like magic, you'll see your body changing too. Make sense? 

To maximise your results then we need to work on your nutrition too. The way you fuel your body will determine how you perform throughout your OH Fitness Factory workouts and ultiamately affect your results.

Here’s what OH Fitness Factory will do for you:

Reduce workout time in half
Melt body fat
Increase your metabolism
Build lean muscle with no equipment
Sculpt the new you
Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people


So Siobhán, what does the programme include?

When you join the Oh Fitness Factory I'm going to take you by the hand and guide you to make 2017 your year!

This course is specially made for beginners or anyone who's getting back on the wagon! All workouts are doable from home so it eliminates barriers and leaves no excuses 😊

 ➟ Speficially created workout plan that you can do anywhere, anytime in 20-30 mins ✔

OH Fitness nutrition guide -  easy to follow, step by step and easy to maintain ✔

Daily Support in the OH Fitness Factory PRIVATE Facebook community ✔

Supplement guide - recommended by me 

Facebook Live Updates - by me each week


What does being part of OH Fitness Community mean?


SPECIAL PRICE €49 per month

Immediate lifetime access to the VIP Facebook Group

Introducing the Furnace

Yes Siobhán, sign me up for the
The OH Fitness Furnace TODAY


Places are very limited at SPECIAL OFFER of €59 per month & I'm ready to take action!


 ♨️  FastTrack your Success ♨️

★  Have you been going to classes, using the gym or trying to get on top of your nutrition and not getting the results you want? ★

★ If yes, then this programme is for you! ★ 

Fast track your progress by working with me. I've gone through everything from thinking I was 'fit' to being totally out of control so funding sustainable, balance!

No gym? No problem. There's 2 versions of this course and you'll get access to both. The GYM version and the HOME version.

You'll master your nutrition, this course provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to understand macronutrients so you're fully in control at all times.

Let's make this the year you turn your body into a

If you've been training for a while and you wanna' take things to a level you never thought imaginable (or sustainable) then I'm going to show you how 💪

Here’s what the Oh Fitness Furnace will do for you:

Provide you with detailed workouts - both HOME verions using simple equipment and GYM version using fully weighted sessions to get your leanest body imaginable!

 The nutrition coaching to turn your body into a fat melting furnace

Find new friends like-minded people through our virtual accountability buddy system.

Learn the long term skill set to be able to manage EVERY situation, to travel to live, to stay ultra lean bu totally understanding how every macronutrient affects your body.

My advanced minset lessons that I've developed with my mentor, as you know if your inner game is off your outer game will show it.

Oh, and be prepared to be able to eat more than you ever through, no more eating meals like a starving catwalk model 😂

💪 Yep, I'm committing to myself to make this the year my training & LIFE amplifies! 💪

Introducing the Mindset Mastery

Siobhán, sign me up for the
OH Fitness Mindset Mastery Today



Siobhán, is this a good match alongside my training?

100% - this is the perfect combination alongside training...even without training this will get your mindset on track.

As soon as I realised that everything in life is directed by mindset - physique, friends, income etc. I decided to take action and since then I've worked with my mentor to develop myself...I'm going to share everything I've learnt with you in this 12 week course

 All mindset exercises are simple, comprehensive and have be tried and tested

My mentor and I provide you with the exact system I've used to help develop myself ✔

Multiple OH Fitness Videos covering every topic from me and my mentor

7 DAYS A WEEK Support in the OH Fitness Mindset PRIVATE Facebook community ✔

Facebook Live Updates - by me each week

Optional Virtual Accountability Buddies (if you wanna' make friends) ✔

The Oh Fitness Journal Template

🙋🏻 Become your best YOU...

⌛️ Don't delay... I can't tell you how long enrollment will be open. We have a set number of spots reserved at this rate and once we fill up, this exclusive offer goes away for good! Let's get started! 🙌🏼


Introducing the PT Institute

Become a Qualified Personal Trainer and Start Earning within 2 Months!


Train & Qualify with Me

Whether you’re looking to further your knowledge to refine your own physique, develop a part-time income or totally change your career, the Oh Fitness PT Institute will work for you!

My team and I have created the highest quality content so you can quickly begin practicing your new skill in your own time…

Since I took the steps to qualify as a personal trainer not only as my career changed, but my entire outlook on life has changed with my increased knowledge, my understanding of nutrition and my ability to help others.


Book in for a consultation call with us! Send us your name and phone number and we will call you back.

You're Accredited to Work Worldwide!

Places are limited! When Enrolment is Full, The Doors Close...

Introducing the Well Being Retreat

Thursday April 5th to Sunday April 8th

PLACES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED!! Only €159/mon for 5 months OR one off payment of €795.


The Oh Fitness Well Being Retreat Includes:

🏨 Luxury 4* accommodation at Pestana Dom João II Hotel
💪 An experience that considers your unique body, health and fitness goals
🏆 Personal attention with a capped group of 18 and 3 host trainers
💆 A results driven education program with time to reconnect & relax
😎 Varied group training in stunning outdoor locations as well as a personal training session during your stay
⌚ Up to 5 hours of sessions a day: a mix of high and low intensity to burn fat, spike your metabolism and tone muscle
😊 Supportive environment with passionate, enthusiastic experts
🎉 Holistic approach to transform the body and mind
🥗 Delicious, nutritious food in first class restaurants
😄 Learn new things, meet like-minded people and grow in confidence
🌊 Training sessions before breakfast: a stair climb on the beach with amazing views

* Only €159/mon for 5 months OR one off payment of €795.

Luxury ⭐⭐⭐⭐ accommodation at Pestana Dom João II Hotel

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